How This Designer Built a Thriving $1.3M/Year Design Business Alone

Discover the ingenious business model that allowed designer Brett to build a massively successful $1.3 million per year design agency - all by himself, without any employees. Get inspired by his entrepreneurial journey and practical tips for anyone looking to productize their skills.

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The video is about how Brett, a talented designer, built a highly successful $1.3 million per year design agency as a solo entrepreneur. The key points are:

Main Points:

  1. Brett runs a "productized service" design agency where clients pay a flat monthly fee to access his design services. This allows him to work efficiently without the constraints of hourly billing.
  2. He started the business while working a full-time job, and only quit when he was making $80,000 per month from his design business.
  3. His business model is simple - clients get a Trello board to submit design requests, and he completes them on a 2-3 day turnaround with no meetings or calls.

Insightful Ideas:

  1. Brett was able to quickly launch the business in just 1 day, by building a simple one-page website and Trello board setup.
  2. Brett shares advice for others looking to productize their skills, including finding your niche specialty, creating pre-defined service packages, and minimizing time spent on non-core activities.

Actionable Advice:

  1. To build a productized service business, find the things you are best at, create packages around those skills, price them competitively, and launch a simple website to get started.

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The Solo Entrepreneur Who Built a $1.3M/Year Design Agency With Just One Skill

Brett, a talented designer, has built an incredible $1.3 million per year design agency - completely on his own, without any contractors or employees. His secret? A unique "productized service" business model that allows him to leverage his design skills to the fullest.

In a revealing interview, Brett took us inside his home-based design studio and shared the details of how he built this massively successful solo enterprise. The key to his success lies in his innovative pricing and service delivery approach.

Instead of the traditional hourly billing model used by most design agencies, Brett offers clients a flat monthly subscription fee. For $5,000 per month, clients gain unlimited access to his design services - they can submit design requests to a dedicated Trello board, which Brett works through on a 2-3 day turnaround. No meetings, no back-and-forth emails, just efficient, high-quality design work.

This model has allowed Brett to scale his business to serve 20 clients simultaneously, all while working entirely on his own from the comfort of his home. "I do all my work during my Zoom calls that I have with my team," he joked - though in reality, he has no employees at all.

Brett's entrepreneurial journey is remarkable. He started building the business while still working a full-time 9-5 job, only quitting when he was making an astounding $80,000 per month from his design agency. And he was able to get the business up and running in just a single day, quickly launching a simple one-page website and Trello board setup.

For Brett, the key to his success was finding his niche and specializing. As a designer, he could have taken on all types of design work. But instead, he focused on the areas he excelled at - branding, product design, and landing page design. By niching down and creating pre-defined service packages, he was able to streamline his operations and maximize his efficiency.

Brett's advice for others looking to follow in his footsteps is clear: "Find the things that you're good at and niche down... build a package around it, bundle it up, come up with pricing that makes it attractive but also makes it worth your time, and then just stand up a website. As simple as that."

Of course, Brett's success didn't happen overnight. He was insecure at first, unsure if his business model would work. But by believing in himself and taking the leap to go full-time, he was able to double his revenue in the first month.

Now, Brett is reaping the rewards of his hard work and innovative thinking. He's able to spend quality time with his family each day, while still generating an astounding $1.3 million in annual revenue. It's an inspiring testament to the power of the solo entrepreneur.

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