How to Start a Successful $10,000/Month Business Using the "CAOS" Framework

Learn about the powerful CAOS framework that can transform your entrepreneurial dreams into a thriving $10,000-per-month business. Uncover the key steps to finding the right concept, audience, offer, and sales process.

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In this video, entrepreneur Ali Abdaal interviews business expert Daniel Priestley about the "CAOS" framework for starting and scaling a successful $10,000-per-month business. The key points covered include:


  • Focusing on a "lifestyle business" rather than a "performance business"
  • Aligning your business idea with your "Origin Story, Mission, and Vision" (OMV)


  • Targeting customers who have money to spend, not just time
  • Validating your idea through low-cost techniques like introductory events and questionnaires


  • Creating a high-ticket ($2,000+) product or service offering
  • Refining your offer through in-person customer interviews


  • Implementing a systematic "LAPS" (Leads, Appointments, Presentations, Sales) process
  • Overcoming the discomfort of sales by seeing it as educating and solving customer problems

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How to Start a Successful $10,000/Month Business Using the "CAOS" Framework

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur dreaming of building a lucrative business? Look no further than the "CAOS" framework, a step-by-step method for launching and scaling a profitable venture. In this engaging article, we'll dive into the details of this powerful system, straight from the insights of renowned business expert Daniel Priestley.

The CAOS framework consists of four essential building blocks: Concept, Audience, Offer, and Sales. By methodically working through each step, even complete beginners can create a thriving $10,000-per-month business. Let's explore how this framework can transform your entrepreneurial aspirations into reality.

Concept: Finding Your Winning Idea

The first step in the CAOS journey is determining your business concept. Many aspiring entrepreneurs get stuck here, believing they need to invent the next Facebook or Uber. However, Daniel Priestley advises taking a different approach. Instead of aiming for a "performance business" focused on rapid growth and scale, he encourages most people to start with a "lifestyle business."

A lifestyle business is designed to provide you with fun, freedom, and flexibility - not necessarily massive valuations and investor backing. To find your winning idea, Priestley suggests exploring your "Origin Story, Mission, and Vision" (OMV). This means uncovering the early experiences and passions that drive you, and aligning your business concept with those intrinsic motivations.

For example, entrepreneur Ali Abdaal's origin story involved discovering the power of coding and building websites as a teenager. This passion for creativity, freedom, and making money online later inspired his successful YouTube channel and online education business. By tapping into your own unique OMV, you're more likely to create a business that you'll enjoy and stick with, even in the early challenging stages.

Audience: Targeting the Right Customers

With your concept in place, the next step is identifying the ideal audience for your offering. This is where many aspiring entrepreneurs go wrong, as Priestley explains. The key is to focus on serving people who have money to spend, rather than those struggling financially.

As Priestley puts it, "There are people who throw their time at problems, and there are people who throw their money at problems." If you want to build a successful business, you need to target the latter group - those with disposable income who are willing to pay to solve their issues.

To test your concept with the right audience, Priestley recommends using techniques like running introductory events, creating quizzes or questionnaires, and even starting a simple WhatsApp group. These low-cost, fast methods allow you to gauge genuine interest and demand before investing time and resources into building your product or service.

Offer: Crafting a High-Ticket Solution

One of the most counterintuitive insights from the CAOS framework is the importance of offering a high-ticket product or service. Priestley advises that if you want to reach $10,000 per month in revenue, you should be charging at least $2,000 per package or sale.

This may seem like a daunting figure, especially for first-time entrepreneurs. However, Priestley explains that it's much easier to achieve your revenue goals by selling fewer, higher-priced items than trying to sell large volumes of lower-priced offerings. The key is to focus on solving significant problems for your target audience in a way that justifies a premium price tag.

To validate and refine your high-ticket offer, Priestley recommends conducting in-person interviews with at least 30 potential customers. This "get close enough to lick their face" approach allows you to gather valuable feedback and iterate on your offering until it resonates perfectly with your audience.

Sales: Executing a Systematic Process

The final piece of the CAOS puzzle is the sales process. While many entrepreneurs may feel uncomfortable with the idea of "selling," Priestley emphasizes that it's a vital skill to master. He likens the sales process to a doctor diagnosing and prescribing a treatment plan - it's about educating your customers and helping them solve their problems.

Priestley outlines a simple, systematic approach called "LAPS" - Leads, Appointments, Presentations, and Sales. This framework helps you methodically identify potential customers, book sales meetings, present your offering, and convert those leads into paying clients. By implementing LAPS, you can consistently generate the five monthly sales needed to reach your $10,000 goal.

Whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting your journey, the CAOS framework offers a proven path to building a profitable, scalable business. By focusing on the right concept, audience, offer, and sales process, you can turn your entrepreneurial dreams into a thriving reality. So, what are you waiting for? Unlock your business potential with the power of CAOS.

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